Incredible News! Anne Evans Receives Two 2016 Statewide Awards for her Contributions to Colorado


1. The Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame recently announced their 2016 Inductees, both contemporary and historical. Anne Evans is one of the four historical nominees to be inducted at a Gala dinner on March 16, 2016.

CO Womens Hall of Fame

Here is what the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame said about Anne’s qualifications that influenced their selection:

“Anne Evans – Cultural and arts leader – Denver, CO. Influenced creation of many of the state’s artistic and cultural institutions. First woman president of Denver Public Library Commission; founding member Central City Opera House Association, established Central City’s world-renowned opera festival; founding member Denver Artists Guild; member Denver University’s Civic Theater Board of Directors; member Governor Speer’s Civic Center Project development team. Started movement for appreciation of American Indian art, donating santos collection to DAM; raised funds to establish Commission for Preservation of New Mexico Mission Churches. Named ‘Woman of the Year’ by Denver Professional and Business Women’s Club; bronze bust of Evans commissioned for Denver Art Museum; ‘Leading Citizen’ award in fine arts category, Civic Princeps; ‘Anne Evans Observation Point’ designated in Central City.”

2. The Colorado Business Hall of Fame will hold its annual black tie event on January 28, 2016, at which it will induct six new members. These male and female laureates are both contemporary and historical. Anne Evans is among this number.

CO Business Hall of Fame

Here is what the Colorado Business Hall of Fame says are the qualifications required for selection for this very prestigious award:

“Colorado Business Hall of Fame laureates are part of a league of outstanding individuals who have made legendary contributions to the free enterprise system. Through their actions and accomplishments, the Colorado Business Hall of Fame laureates provide inspiration for the next generation as they take the reins of leadership in the years to come.”

About the specific reasons for selecting Anne Evans for this signal honor, the Business Hall of Fame cites the following:

“Anne Evans played a major role in helping develop many of the institutions that transformed Denver into a viable modern city. Among them are the Denver Art Museum, the Denver Public Library, the restoration of the Central City Opera House, and the development of the Central City Summer Opera Festival. All of these cultural jewels required tireless and ingenious fund raising.

Anne Evans is also largely responsible for less well known endeavors. She organized hundreds of volunteers to get the bond issue passed which allowed the land to be purchased for the City and County Building. She was pivotal in various family business pursuits such as the Evans Investment Company, which has owned and managed major parcels of prime Denver real estate. She created viable market and business opportunities for the native weavers, potters, and artisans of the Southwest.

Anne Evans was truly a business woman of her time whose many contributions helped define Denver as the business and cultural center it is today.”

Awards Anne Evans


  1. Linda Kirkpatrick says:

    Congrats to you, Barbara, for recognizing Anne’s many contributions before others are doing so publicly. I suspect your hard work in assembling her biography might have contributed to her nomination for these awards.

  2. Anne Martin says:

    This site about Anne Evans has certainly illuminated my understanding about this forward thinking woman. I’m sure a congratulations to Barbara Sternberg is in order for educating so many of us.

    • Barbara E. Sternberg says:

      Dear Annie: How heartwarming to have your comments on the results of my blogging efforts! We send these notes into the mysterious world of the Internet, and never know what the response will be. This time, it has been quite extensive. All the best, Barbara

  3. Jackie Bowen says:

    My very first thought on seeing this is thet it probably wouldn’t have happened if you had not compiled such outstanding work to make her come alive to readers today. For this, perhaps they should consider you for an award as well!

    • Barbara E. Sternberg says:

      Thank you for your kind comment. It always delights me when I have evidence that someone actually reads my blog posts! All the best, Barbara

  4. Barbara E. Sternberg says:

    Thank you, Linda, for your kind words. If I succeeded in reminding people of Anne Evans’ remarkable, lifelong efforts on behalf of local art and artists, and of her contributions to Denver’s growth as a cultural center – I find that thought very rewarding!

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