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Barbara Sternberg signs copies of her book at Boone Mountain Sports.

Barbara Edwards Sternberg was born in England. She has a B.A. in Sociology from the London School of Economics. Emigrating to the United States with her husband-to-be, architect and planner Eugene D. Sternberg (1915-2005) she came with him to Denver when he was appointed Professor of Design at Denver University’s new School of Architecture and Planning. Barbara was awarded a Teaching Assistantship to complete her Master’s degree in Urban Sociology at DU.

While raising five children, she taught courses in urban sociology and race relations part-time at the University of Denver, Colorado Woman’s College and Opportunity School. She also volunteered enthusiastically for a variety of causes to which she was dedicated: the improvement of mental health services, advancement of civil rights and educational innovation. She wrote many non-fiction articles and also collaborated with her husband on articles and books about urban planning and architecture. Their final collaboration was Evergreen, Our Mountain Community, a book about the Sternbergs’ adopted hometown.

Barbara Sternberg says that writing about Anne Evans has been a deeply satisfying excursion into the history of Colorado and of Denver, especially its cultural development. Unexpected discoveries about the life of Anne Evans have come to light during the research for this book, and challenging questions have arisen. Not all of them have yet been satisfactorily answered. Barbara expects that more revelations may come to light in the discussion aroused by the publication of this book.

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